Why Us

Standard is not an option because each and every one of us has different stopovers on a journey. Still, we believe there is always one best path that leads to your destination.

We dedicate our attention to tailor your unique life-changing plan.

We plan your future from the whole perspective.

To get a new residency, study overseas, do investments, reconstruct business structure… most people make these planning respectively, but we mind differently. We provide all-round consultation spectrum that includes immigration, education, investment and cooperate structure. While our clients often come in seeking advice on one single aspect, we go further with our expertise in helping them to achieve the things in mind, and more.

We are conscious of the interconnection between your family, your business and you. We aim to make the most of these influential decisions by suggesting complementarity. That is why the consultants at OS acquire knowledge and expertise in a wide spectrum, give advice from the all-around perspective. We see more, that's why we think ahead.

Why Most Finds Planning Challenging

Often time we recognize things that we want to achieve but seldom know how, worse, it is never easy to organize all of our ideas in the head and convey them clearly. “Talk, Ask, Plan and Follow up”, our 4-steps methodology makes sure our consultants construct sufficient communication with you where thoughts were shared in depth.
More than listen, we see through your puzzles and piece up your beautiful future.

The rapidly changing world of politics, economics, and relations between countries leads to frequent updates on policies and regulations. While good planning requires the full spectrum of consideration and analysis of the situation, it has never been an easy task. We keep in touch with our partners located in different countries across the globe to gather the most updated first-hand information with our strong network.
We connect the parties and serve as a whole.

The best-laid plans laid the paths before one needs it. To think ahead about what you could put to good account in the future, we calculate each possible option and deploy the choices for your greatest chance of success. Step by step, we lead you to the destination you want and show you the new potentials along the way. The road is open for more possibilities cos we paved the way with insights.
Each decision is made with cautiousness, it's strategic.

Our partners from reputable institutes provide a solid back up at all times.

About Us

Oceanus Strategic Limited is a registered Hong Kong establishment to provide efficient and professional immigration and business consulting services to both individuals and corporates.

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Our Office

Suite 2114, 21/F, North Tower, Concordia Plaza, No.1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN, Hong Kong

Phone: 2887 2248

Email: info@oceanusstrategic.com